Nova Scotia Burn Support Group


The NSBSG was formed in 1986 and they held their first meeting on October 25th of the same year. The main goals of the Group is to provide support to burn victims as well as their family and friends during their stay in the hospital as well as after discharge, with the aim of reintegrating the survivor into society as soon as possible. This goal is accomplished by various efforts of the group.

The Nova Scotia Burn Support Group ensures that all patients and their families at the QEII Health Sciences Centre and the children's hospitals have the opportunity to receive a visit by a member of the group. If the patient or family does not wish to see anyone during their stay at the hospital, they are given a business card containing a contact name and phone number so they may contact a group member at their convenience.

These meetings consist of open discussions, guest speakers and workshops. The meetings give everyone an opportunity to learn more about burns, to ask questions, and to exchange their own personal stories and feelings.
In the past, members have participated in the following:

1. CBC Inquiry: “Beneath the Scars”
2. Dartmouth Cable: “Women are Special”
3. CBC Radio: various interviews
4. Local Newspapers: various articles

We Can Help!


Members of the group have travelled to various parts of the province, attending seminars, giving presentations, and creating a great awareness of the Nova Scotia Burn Support Group. The group is also an active participant in the annual "Fire Fighters Burn Treatment Society Bowlarama" event.

The group is currently placing district representatives in areas across Nova Scotia to help support the burn survivor and family after discharge from the hospital.

The Nova Scotia Burn Support Group is funded by the Fire Fighters Burn Treatment Society. Their support and generosity has been overwhelming. The group has been very active since its inception. The group firmly believes in, and practices their motto: "By Helping Others We Also Help Ourselves".


Burn Support Meetings are held the Ist Wednesday of each month in Room 1243 at the Halifax Infirmary, QE 11 site from 7pm to 9pm.

Room 1243 is located on the 1st floor Summer Street Entrance by the service elevators.”



- Darryl Parson 902-293-4748 Vice President - Lower Sackville

- Deborah A. Ward – President (H) 902-252-2884 Middle Sackville
- Darryl Ley – Vice President (H) 902-747-2350, Cape Breton
- John Wilson – Secretary © 488-7142 Lower Sackville
- Julie Muzzerall – Adviser © 902-462-7260 Dartmouth

There have been various panel discussions which members have participated in as well:

  • World Burn Congress, Milwaukee, WI, October 2012
  • Canadian Burn Survivors' Conference, Calgary, AB, June 2012
  • World Burn Congress, Cincinnati, OH, 2011
  • World Burn Congress, Galveston, TX, October 2010
  • Canadian Burn Survivors Conference, Winnipeg, MN, June 2010
  • World Burn Congress, New York, NY, September, 2009
  • Canadian Burn Survivors Conference, Toronto, On, June 2008
  • World Burn Congress, Raleigh, NC, October, 2008
  • World Burn Congress, Vancouver, BC, October, 2007
  • Canadian Burn Survivors Conference, Halifax, NS, July, 2006
  • World Burn Congress, Sacramento, California, 2006
  • Canadian Burn Survivors Conference, Winnipeg, MN, 2005
  • Canadian Burn Survivors Conference, Winnipeg, MN, 2005
  • World Burn Congress, Baltimore, MD August 2005
  • World Burn Congress, Durham, N.C. October 2004
  • World Burn Congress, Cleveland, Ohio, September, 2003
  • World Burn Congress, Phoenix, Arizona, October 2002
  • World Burn Congress, Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 2001
  • World Burn Congress, San Francisco, California, July 2000
  • World Burn Congress, Atlanta, Georgia, September, 1999
  • Canadian Burn Nurses Association Conference, Toronto, September, 1988
  • World Burn Conference, Philadelphia,1988
  • Fire Fighters Burn Conference, Halifax, NS, September, 1986

For more information about the group:
P.O. Box 481, Dartmouth Main
Tel: (902) 461-9026
Dartmouth, N.S.
B2Y 3Y8




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